Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inspector Banks and Aurelio Zen mysteries on TV

After the success of the Wallander mysteries, Left Bank Pictures has commissioned three Aurelio Zen Mysteries (Michael Dibden) and one Inspector Banks (Peter Robinson) drama. Yay!

The Zen mysteries are set in Italy and feature a middle-aged detective who in the early novels lives with his mother in a Rome apartment. Ratking is being adapted by Peter Berry, Vendetta by Simon Burke, and Dead Lagoon by Patrick Harbison. Robinson's 2002 novel Aftermath is being adapted by Robert Murphy. This film will feature Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks, of course, who lives in the Yorkshire town of Eastvale. It is hope that the two detective mysteries will become long-running franchise. YES!

For more info, read the article in the Guardian (UK).

The big question now is who will be cast as these detectives?


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Good to know. I really enjoyed Wallander when it aired on PBS recently.

Mystery Writing is Murder

vallerose said...

It's about time British TV mysteries went beyond Christie. I enjoyed the Wallandar series. Kenneth Brannaugh was very well cast and I hope more stories are filmed.
I look forward to the new productions.

Anonymous said...

Good. I love British mysteries. They are usually so well done. Please remember your American audience for the Inspector Banks series and issue the DVD in Region 1 format. Banks is very popular in America.