Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Steelworks: Michael Stanley's Drink recipe

Mystery Readers Int'l's NorCal Chapter was lucky enough to have Stan Trollip the other night. Stan is one half of the writing team of Michael Stanley, the author of the Detective Kubu mystery series set in Botswana (A Carrion Death, The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu). Stanley's Botswana is very different from that of the 'other' mystery writer of Botswana. Stanley's Botswana involves the harsh realities of life-- the animals and the people. Detective Kubu seems slow and gentle, but like his namesake the Hippo (Kubu is Hippo in Setswana), he can be ferocious. Not unlike Stan Trollip and Michael Sears, the writing team, Detective Kubu enjoys good food, music and drink.

Inspector Kubu's favorite drink when he's on duty and can't drink alcoholic beverages (wine and beer) is a Steelworks. Kubu drinks them ice cold and often two at a time. Stan Trollip brought all the fixing and mixed drinks for the group at our Literary Salon Sunday night. I found the drink incredibly refreshing, and I think you will, too. Here's the recipe direct from Michael Stanley. Thanks, Stan.


1 shot of Rose's Kola Tonic (available at African Hut)
A splash of Angostura Bitters to taste (available at any liquor store)
Top up with ginger BEER (not ALE)
Always add ice at the end-- not before adding ingredients

Variations: You can also use half ginger beer, half soda water. You can also add a shot of Rose's Lime Juice.


baltomd said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I've been so curious about Kubu's Steelworks! Looking forward to trying it this summer!

Anonymous said...

I agree with baltomd. Sounds very refreshing and I am definitely going to try it

browncoat495241 said...

We've done an 'after-hours' version using 2oz vodka to 14oz steelworks. It was wicked awesome!

browncoat495241 said...

We made an 'after-hours' version for a friend. We added 2oz vodka to 14oz steelworks. It was wicked awesome!

Big M said...

FINALLY! Know I know what Kubu's 'steelworks' is. Thanks for solving this mystery for me. Might even try it if I can get the ingredients from the South African grocery in Charlotte, NC.

Unknown said...

I plan to try this drink very soon!

Unknown said...

I plan to try this drink very soon!

Unknown said...

I once heard that the steelworks drink was invented at the Iscor club, hence the name.