Thursday, August 13, 2009

Odd Mystery Locations in the Bay Area

Since so many people are taking Staycations this year (isn't that an odd word?), I thought I'd mention a few San Francisco Bay Area locations that may be of interest to local residents.

I love cemeteries, and Mountain View Cemetery is one of the very best. With lots of wonderful mausoleums and gravestones, this cemetery is 'home' to many San Francisco and California notables. But did you know that Elizabeth Short who was murdered in Los Angeles -- The Black Dahlia Murder-- is buried in Mountain View Cemetery? 5000 Piedmont Ave, Oakland. Free. 8 until Sunset. While there, be sure and visit The Chapel of the Chimes, designed by famous architect Julia Morgan. She's also buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

Pardee Home Museum: Stolen Skulls. This museum is an Oakland City Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. What you may not know is that it houses a collection of 70,000 objects collected by Mrs. Pardee, including human skulls, reportedly stolen from a South American cemetery. 672 -11th St.

Winchester Mystery House. 525 Winchester Blvd. San Jose. This is a 160 room mansion built by Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester rifle fortune. She began construction in 1884 that continued until her death 38 years later. She supposedly had a fear of spirits of people killed by the Winchester rifle. She never slept in the same bedroom 2 nights in a row. There are many doors and windows opening onto blank walls. There's a staircase from floor to ceiling, a door opening outward has an 8 foot drop, some glass floors and a room you can go into but not out of by the same door.

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