Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ned Kelly Awards

Apparently the Ned Kelly Award Winners were awarded by the Crime Writers of Australia, but it was very difficult to find out the winners as there has not been a formal announcement--yet. However, Kerrie Smith was able to supply the following information.

Best Novel (Tie):
DEEP WATER, Peter Corris
SMOKE & MIRRORS, Kel Robertson

Best First Novel:

S.D. Harvey Award (short story) to
"Fidget's Farewell" by Scott McDermott

Best True Crime
THE TALL MAN, Chloe Hooper

Lifetime Achievement: Shane Maloney

For the nominees, go here.


Kerrie said...

Thanks for the highlight Janet. As you can tell from my blog post, it has been a bit like pulling teeth to get the results together.The lack of publicity is surely a metter of oversight or crossed-wires

Janet Rudolph said...

With everyone Twittering, you're probably right--probably a matter of someone dropping the ball. Love your Blog.

robert walker said...

Thanks Janet and when you finish this pile check out my Dead On, pubbed July.