Saturday, February 20, 2010

Michael Connelly Luncheon at Left Coast Crime

The latest Newsletter for Left Coast Crime 20: Booked in L.A. March 11-14, 2010, has just added a new event:

Michael Connelly will host Lunch (courtesy of historic Cole’s Restaurant) at Angels Flight. If you've signed up for LCC, let the organizers know if you plan to attend the reception at Angel’s Flight. Angel’s Flight is the world’s shortest railroad – approximately 298 feet long. The reception will be at the top of Angel’s Flight, right outside the Omni, the convention hotel.

It's not too late to Register for Left Coast Crime. Also offering day passes. Spread the Word.

Mysteries set at Angel's Flight: Alice Duncan's Angel’s Flight and Lost Among the Angels. Read an interview with Alice Duncan on Meanderings and Muses.

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