Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: Chocolate Weapons

What to give the mystery reader for Valentine's Day? I suggested giving him/her several Mysteries with a Valentine's Day Setting tied up with a box of truffles. Not what you had in mind? How about Chocolate Weapons? Guns, bullets, grenades or handcuffs? Over the years in my Murder on the Menu business I've had various chocolatiers make special chocolate for my events. Now there's one stop shopping at:

The Chocolate Gun come in three varieties: chocolate, solid chocolate swirl and hollow milk chocolate: a pound of chocolate in each pistol. Chocolate Bullets come in mini-chocolate ammo cans. More interested in larger shells? Chocolate Weapons sells chocolate peanut butter filled 12 gauge shotgun shells.

More interested in Grenades. Don't worry. They're available, too.

Check out the Chocolate Ammo Story, HERE.

Have a fun, mysterious and chocolaty Valentine's Day.

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