Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sports Mysteries: Mystery Readers Journal (Volume 25:4)

The latest issue of Mystery Readers Journal: Sports Mysteries (Volume 25:4) is now available. If you're a U.S. subscriber you should have received your issue by now. If you're an international subscriber, I'm still waiting for copies, and I will mail them out myself this weekend. We weren't happy with the overseas airmail service that our printer was using. I'll send an email when they go out. Thanks for supporting Mystery Readers Journal. Special thanks to Kate Derie, Associate Editor.

Go here for links to some of the articles in this issue: SPORTS MYSTERIES
To receive a hardcopy or full .pdf of this issue, go HERE.

Table of Contents: Sports Mysteries:

The Turf and the Gridiron in Detective Fiction by Gary Garner
Adventure Crime-A Wild Niche in Sports Crime by Jessica Simon
Four Legged Champions by M.E. Kemp
Crossword: Win, Place, and Show by Verna Suit
The Mystery of Sports by Mark Segal

Where the Cameras Can't Follow by Deborah Atkinson
The Dark Side of Sports by Michael Balkind
Training To Write by Rachel Brady
How I Became a Ski Bum at Midlife by Wendy Clinch
How I Became a Biker by Julie Compton
Running the California Coast by Alan Cook
Why Golf? by John Corrigan
Sports and the Mystery of My Improbable Biceps by Diana Deverell
Dreams and Sports by Mary Cnnningham
Dead in the Water by Carola Dunn
The Wide World of Equine Sports by Kit Ehrman
Who Killed the American Baseball Dream? by Robert Elias
A Diehard Cub Fan by Robert Goldsborough
Show Me the Money: A Murderous Sports Connection by Robert Greer
Minnesota Games by Elizabeth Gunn
The Surfing Detective mystery series by Chip Hughes
How Bad Golf Changed My Life by Roberta Isleib
Murder in the Bullpen by N.J. Lindquist
Whowonit? by Peter Lovesey
From Sportswriting to Crimewriting by Brad Parks
Why Write About Sports? by Twist Phelan
Surfing and Detective Work by Neil Plakcy
Any Chance of a Game? by Edward Marston
Chariots and Curses and Crashes, Oh My by Mary Reed
When Sports History Is a Sports Mystery by Linda L. Richards
Bitsy, Baseball, and Life by Vonda Skelton
A Murderous Fastball and a Killer Curve by Eric Stone
A Puckhead Born Susan Swift
When Sports Are Pilikia by Mark Troy
Cold Winter Nights Can Be Murder by Anne White
Sports Mysteries and Me by Mark Zubro
Driven by Simon Wood

Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Lesa Holstine
In Short: In Sport by Marvin Lachman
The Children's Hour: Sports Mysteries by Gay Totl Kinman
Letters to the Editor
From the Editor's Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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vallerose said...

Looks like another great issue. I am a peripheral sports fan. I don't follow any team, but I read the sports pages and therefore can fake it when I am with someone who knows about sports. I admit to being an Olympic junky however. The only Olympics I ever attended was with my parents in 1960 in Squaw Valley. My father took movies of the hockey and some of the skiing. That was fun to see when Marc and I reviewed the home movies a couple of years ago.