Monday, February 1, 2010

Ralph McInerny: R.I.P.

Ralph McInerny died Friday at the age of 80. He was a prominent Catholic Author, Professor, and, of course, the author of the Father Dowling Mystery Series. He was a professor of philosophy and the Michael P. Grace Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Father McInerny wrote 29 Father Dowling mysteries starting with Her Death of Cold and ending with the latest Stained Glass (2009). He also wrote 10 mysteries as Monica Quill whose detective was Sister Mary Teresa. Under his own name he wrote 6 mysteries as Andrew Broom, 13 mysteries with the University of Notre Dame as the background and two books with Egidio Manfredi as the detective. He also wrote standalone novels and short stories. In addition, he edited three short mystery story anthologies. Father McInerny contributed to the first Mystery Readers Journal Religious Mysteries issue.

The funeral will take place today.


Joe Barone said...

I enjoyed the Father Dowling Mysteries. I didn't see many of the TV shows, but I liked the books. May Mr. McInerny Rest in Peace.

Rebecca B. Swope said...

I met Ralph at a conference at the University of Georgia in Athens, back in the 90's. He was a class act and a man who knew his craft well. Personable, easily approachable, fun....and a writer who shared his knowledge easily. I'm sorry I won't get to see him again.