Thursday, June 2, 2011

Comic Strip: Sally Forth & Books

Sally Forth, the comic strip by Francesco Marciuliano, drawn by Craig Macintosh. Very sad but true take on the bookstore situation.

 Hat Tip: Beth Fedyn


Nancy Lauzon said...

Here's my prediction for the future: The big box bookstores will go bankrupt - Borders already is, and Barnes & Noble and Chapters in Canada will follow - and there will be a resurgence of indie bookstores again, where the owners can hand sell books and recommend authors the way they used to. An upside of the turmoil surrounding the publishing industry these days. What goes around comes around.

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JNichols said...

I miss the small intimate bookstore.

Janet A said...

This thread has been fun. I loved the one where he worries they will have two books that are the same.

JNichols said...

You can still get the special attention we miss from the independent bookstore owner at the public library. I was looking for a book that had been mishelved and the librarian was able to recommend books on the same genre by other authors. I am going to open my own bookstore when the big box stores are gone.

Larry Moniz said...

Regretably, wishing won't make it so. New technology, soaring print publishing costs and retail space rentals all mitigate against it. Whether we like it or not, EBooks are the wave of the future. I used to think nothing was better than holding a book in my hands. Now as I get older, eyesight is poorer, hands arthritic and I am no longer comfortable lying in bed to read. Guess what. Books on the computer or in a reader are the answer for me and, I suspect, lots of others. While I doubt books will ever be completely eradicated, I suspect only high priced, limited edition books will be available within, perhaps, as little as 20 years.