Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mystery Bytes: Crime Fiction News

Every once in awhile I have a few items that I collect in one post. I twitter about this news when it happens, but not everyone is on Twitter. If you are, follow me @JanetRudolph, and you'll have crime fiction news as it happens. Some great sites for mystery news round-ups: The Rap Sheet, Omnimysterynews, Shotsmag Confidential. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments following this post.

1. Pan Macmillan announced that David Hewson, author of the Nic Costa mysteries, will be novelizing the Danish crime series The Killing. David Hewson told Shotsmag Confidential: David Hewson says:

“It’s a great honour to be asked to turn the best crime series on TV – and the fascinating character of Sarah Lund – into books, alongside my own novels set in Italy. The richness, innovation and complexity of THE KILLING have captured the imaginations of TV viewers around the world. I’m flattered to know that it’s going to be my task to bring this acclaimed classic series to the printed page. Rome and Copenhagen are very different places, but both wonderful stages for compelling crime fiction. I can’t wait to start work with my first trip to Denmark in a few weeks.”

2. Vince Flynn's American Assassin to made ito CBS Film: Hollywood Reporter notes that Edward Zwick willdirect CBS Films’ adaptation of American Assassin. Zwick is teaming up with Marshall Herskovitz to write the screenplay, which is based on Vince Flynn’s No. 1 NY Times best-selling novel about CIA agent Mitch Rapp’s adventures working for the nation’s most elite covert operations program. Read more Here.

3. Don't miss Roberta Alexander's Article at The Rap Sheet on "Celebrity Mysteries".. Authors who employ real (dead) people as detectives.

4. Forbes' Avril David listed the 10 Most Powerful Women Authors. Among them was mystery author Mary Higgins Clark.

   "The women selected for this list are powerful because of their ability to influence us through their words and ideas. "Collectively, these women hold readers captivated with stories of fantastical worlds, suspense and drama, insights into the complexities of minority experiences and cultures, and fresh takes on societal issues and expectations…not to mention, book sales of up to 800M copies sold and a wealth of prestigious awards and recognition including Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes."

Mary Higgins Clark
Sales:100 million books sold
Clout: Each of her 42 books has been a best-seller

Her debut novel, Where Are The Children, is in its 75th printing; suffice to say that Mary Higgins Clark’s suspense novels continue to keep readers on the edge of their seats across the globe.

Read the Entire List Here

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