Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chocolate Glock

Maybe this belongs on my Chocolate Blog, DyingforChocolate.com, but it belongs here, too.

 Who wouldn't want a chocolate glock?

If you don't want chocolate, this adorable Glock also comes as a soap, but who doesn't want chocolate?

Hat Tip: Jen Forbus


Anonymous said...

What a way to combine your two interests!! ;-)

Terry Odell said...

Wonder what Hubster would say if I said he could get me this Glock.

Janet Rudolph said...

I know, pretty fabulous!

Unknown said...

Does it come with bullets? (nuts or almonds or chocolate chips could pass as such)
Or in a white chocolate special edition maybe?

Gives a whole new meaning to "I'm so depressed I think I'll put a gun in my mouth". Chocolate therapy.

Bobbi Mumm said...

I think I'd eat the trigger first. This is terrific, Janet!

Janet Rudolph said...

I've actually done several mystery events where they've had chocolate guns as prizes!