Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paul Bishop: Take the Money and Run

Los Angeles Detective Paul Bishop is part of an upcoming reality show on ABC called "Take the Money and Run." Bishop interrogates contestants to find a briefcase filled with $100,000.

Paul Bishop is near the end of a 35-year career with the Los Angeles Police Department. As a detective, Bishop has spent most of that time interviewing and interrogating victims and suspects of sex crimes, a career he fashioned for himself. "For whatever reason, I can get those suspects to talk to me," he said. "Our entire focus is interrogation. What is the emotional impact of the words we use and the suspects use?"

Paul Bishop is a terrific mystery writer. His novels include Croaker: Chalk Whisperers, Croaker: Kill Me Again, Hot Pursuit, Tequila Mockingbird, Grave Sins and another dozen or more. His latest, Felony Fists, will be available in August.  Bishop also wrote for television, doing episodes of "Diagnosis Murder" starring Dick Van Dyke, "Navy SEALS: The Untold Stories" and "The New Detectives." The latter gig helped him land his new one on this reality show. Bishop just wrapped filming on the new television series for ABC called "Take the Money and Run." The reality series takes place in major cities across the U.S. and pits Bishop and his colleague, author and Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Mary Hanlon Stone, against a team of two local police officers and two "hiders.

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Bishop blogs at and tweeting via twitter@bishsbeat

Hat Tip: Bill Crider


James Scott Bell said...

Nice to hear this about Paul Bishop. Back when I sold my first novel I took a class from Paul on how to market your novel. I still have those notes. He taught me all the stuff I needed to know back then, like press releases, relationships with bookstores, etc. He helped me get off to a good start. Thanks for the post.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a nice tribute. I remember Paul from DapaEm..used to see him at Bouchercon, too, but not in awhile. Definitely hope he'll be at Left Coast Crime

Paul Bishop said...

Thanks for the shout out!