Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Detective Action Figures

Earlier this year, I posted about the Deluxe Librarian Action Figure. Perfect for the collector of action figures. That plus the Original Librarian Action Figure could be the beginning of a collection, but it's true that two does not a collection make. The Rap Sheet posted another action figure last week of James Garner as Rockford. The figure even holds the cookie jar where Rockford kept his gun. Nice touch. Unfortunately, this figure is unavailable, having been made by a fan for a show.

O.K. so if you can't have this action figure, what figures can you add to your collection? 

Detective Barbie. She's no longer available new, but you can find her popping up on eBay from time to time.

Or maybe Sherlock Holmes? Always a classic.


Beth Groundwater said...

So when is someone going to come out with a mystery author action figure? Oh wait, when we're writing, there's not much action going on except for fingers on the keyboard or imaginary thought balloons. But research or promotion can make us move our writing butts out of the chair, so there are possibilities for props, like a shovel (for unearthing obscure facts) or a podium (for giving a reading to an audience of three--two of whom are store staff). I'm sure they'd sell well at mystery cons!

Kevin Burton Smith said...

Jimbo's looking a little porky, there. Too many tacos? Or is that where the cookies went?

Still, it would be fun if someone would do a line of fictional detective action figures from literature, film and TV.

I know I have three inches of empty book shelf left.

Imagine Mannix or Miss Marple (with real knitting action!), or maybe Columbo or Nero Wolfe or Jack Reacher (comes with five disposable T-shirts and a toothbrush).

Hmmm. Maybe the writers should get a piece of this action. Hell, with the rise of ebooks, authors will need SOMETHING to sign.