Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 Best Fictional Bookstores in Pop Culture

Flavorwire, one of my favorite blogs, had a great post the other day on the 10 Best Fictional Bookstores in Pop Culture. Love the choices. Would you add any others?

The bookstores on the list are from all over pop culture. The list is limited to bookstores that are truly fictions, so  the Travel Book Shop from Notting Hill or 84 Charing Cross Road (now defunct) are not on the list.

Photo: Argosy Book Shop from Vertigo
Based on the real-life San Francisco book shop The Argonaut, the Argosy is everything one could want in a fictional bookstore — rich, dark wood, glass cases, tchotchkes, cluttered shelves, and a proprietor who knows the scoop on the McKittrick Hotel and what happened to Carlotta.

See all the Bookstores HERE.


Anonymous said...

Where's the bookstore in the film of The Big Sleep where Bogie shared a bottle of rye (and we suspect much else) with Dorothy Malone on a rainy afternoon?
Art Scott

Unknown said...

It might not count as a bookstore, but the crypt called The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, in Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind, is one place I'd love to visit. Plus, it's in Spain!

Unknown said...

They are wonderful choices. I also liked the bookstore from Notting Hill. The scenes from that movie were hilarious.