Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pre-Code Movie Posters Uncovered in PA attic

Flavorpill has a wonderful post with comments and illustrations on 30 + Pre-Code Vintage Movie Posters that were uncovered in an attic in Berwick, PA. The posters had been displayed in a local theater where they had been glued on top of each other as new posters (and films) as they arrived at the venue, and then the whole stack was stuffed into the walls of the attic as insulation. And there they remained, until the contents of the house were sold in an estate sale.

According to MUBI, “They had survived in such good condition for a number of reasons. First of all, a movie theater in the early 1930s would have used a water-soluble wallpaper paste to put up the posters, so it was possible, even eight decades later, to steam them apart with no damage to the paper. And Smith [Grey Smith, Director of Heritage Vintage Movie Poster Auctions] thinks that the cool climate of Pennsylvania may have helped, as well as the temperature in the attic itself. According to Smith, the colors on the posters are ‘astoundingly bright.’”

The posters are being auctioned off individually by Heritage Vintage Movie Poster Auctions, and the online bidding starts today.

See the article and more  Posters HERE.

Hat Tip: Bill Crider

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