Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 Incredibly Nice Robbers

Mystery Readers and Writers take note: had a list this week of 10 Incredibly Nice Robbers that you will find interesting and a bit amazing.

Here's the first one, and my favorite. The thief who returned stolen laptop contents on USB stick

A thief stole a university professor's laptop, and then returned the contents on a USB memory stick. The professor, who teaches at UmeƄ University in northern Sweden, was devastated when his laptop, containing ten years of work, was stolen.

The professor had left his bag containing the laptop hidden behind a door in his apartment stairwell while he went into the building's laundry room. When he emerged a short time later, the bag had gone. It was returned shortly after, without the laptop. However, a week after the theft, the professor received a USB stick containing all the documents - which would have taken several hours to download again.

Read the rest of the list of 10 Incredibly Nice Robbers HERE.


Bobbi Mumm said...

Amazing! I think many people (writers, professors) would appreciate this.

clpauwels said...

You do realize that said 'incredibly nice robber' could also have included an invisible script on that USB drive that hijacked every password and security key on whatever system it was connected to?

Sorry - I live with a computer hacker/security expert...NEVER plug in a USB from a stranger or found on the street. Practice safe computing ;-)


Janet Rudolph said...

Wow, Cyndi, now that's scary.