Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coasters for Mystery Readers

I never use a book for a coaster, but I do want to protect surfaces most of the time. Here are a few cool coasters for readers, especially crime fiction readers. So put that glass of wine or scotch down safely on one of these.

Dexter Blood Splattered Coasters

Lets your visitors know splatters are unacceptable. Set of 6 clear glass coasters with rubberized feet.
Store them in a Dexter treasure box

Splat Stan-Silicone Drink Coaster

Stan was happy and completely oblivious to the dangerous conditions. There were heavy drinks being hoisted and lowered all around him, yet he always felt perfectly safe. Then Stan got splatted by a giant pint.

And, my personal favorite: Scrabble Drink Coasters

These cool coasters, created with scrabble letters, can be customized to create words of your own choice--or choose from 4 beverage related tile coasters.

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andiesenji said...

I've got some chalk outline drink coasters I ordered from

andiesenji said...

I have some chalk outline drink coasters I ordered from

Anonymous said...

'... I had ... grave frienda
To borrow my books and set wet glasses on them'

from Captain Craig by E.A. Robinson.