Sunday, January 6, 2013

DCI Banks PBS broadcast

DCI Banks on TV: PBS Bay Area. Check your local listings.

The Yorkshire countryside provides a striking and contrasting backdrop to these chilling murder stories based on the Inspector Banks novels by Peter Robinson.

Aftermath (#101H) Duration: 1:29:33 STEREO TVPG

The Hill is a seemingly ordinary house in an ordinary street. But when police officers Janet Taylor and Dennis Morrisey arrive, it is clear things are far from normal. The young, beautiful Lucy Payne is unconscious in the hallway of the house, bleeding from a head wound. Hiding in the cellar is her husband - Marcus Payne - ready to wield a knife at anyone who tries to enter, desperate to protect his secret. By the time Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks is called to the house, one of the officers is dead, the other fighting for their life and career, and Marcus Payne has been revealed as a serial killer. Hidden behind the walls and floor of the cellar are the bodies of young women with one thing in common - they all have blonde hair. This discovery marks the start of a shocking investigation that tests Inspector Banks to the limit.

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Playing with Fire (#102H) Duration: 1:28:12 STEREO TVPG
When a fire on a houseboat leads to the discovery of the charred body of Leslie Whittaker, Banks and Annie believe they have uncovered a case of art fraud when a briefcase, containing a forgery of a famous Turner painting and £25,000 in cash, is found in the hull of the boat. At the scene, Banks trawls through the wreckage of the boat, and is informed that an unoccupied second boat, belonging to British Waterways, was moored alongside Whittaker's boat at the time of the fire, and that it subsequently sank when the fire spread on to it. The investigation soon leads to Jake McMahon, a local artist known to have connections with Whittaker. When Banks visits his house, he is confronted by a gun-wielding McMahon, who appears to believe that Banks is a man named Morrison. Banks manages to prove him otherwise, but he denies any involvement in art forgery. The post mortem on Whittaker discovers that he had been drugged prior to the time of the fire, meaning that he had no chance of escape once the fire had started. Annie enlists the help of art expert Mark Keane, in an attempt to discover if Whittaker could have gotten away with passing the Turner off as a real painting. However, things get steamy between the pair, and they subsequently sleep together. Meanwhile, Banks receives a shock when a second body is found - that of local student Christina Aspen.

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  • Friend of the Devil (#103H) Duration: 1:28:28 STEREO TVPG
Annie is called to the scene of a murder on Eastvale moor, and arrives to find a paralysed female in a wheelchair who had had her throat cut. Meanwhile, Banks is called to the scene of a girl found murdered in an alleyway in the town centre. Hayley Daniels, who had been out partying with her friends the previous night, is found strangled with her knickers in her mouth, and Banks immediately suspects the man who found her - a local shopkeeper, Timothy Randall. Meanwhile, Annie discovers the identity of the woman in the wheelchair - Lucy Payne. She discovers that Payne had been given a new identity following an acid attack on her whilst she was serving time for being an accomplice to the crimes committed by her husband Marcus. She discovers that Payne had been living at a care home due to no longer being able to communicate, and on the morning of her murder, had been escorted out for a walk by a woman named Mary. Meanwhile, Banks visits pathologist Elizabeth Waring to discover the circumstances surrounding Hayley Daniels' death. Banks believes he may have a serial killer on his hands - and when junior DC Kevin Templeton decides to return to the scene of the crime, he is subsequently murdered.

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Cold Is The Grave (#104H) Duration: 1:29:07 STEREO TVPG

Banks is asked by Superintendent Gerry Rydell to track down his missing daughter, Emily, and Annie gets lumbered with an armed carjacking and the murder of a small time crook, Charlie McKai. Travelling from Eastvale to South London, Banks comes across one of Emily's friends and her ex-flatmate, Ruth, who informs him that since their bust-up, Emily has been living with a well known criminal and drug baron, Barry Clough. Paying a visit to Clough, Banks realises that Emily could be in danger, and after encouragement from Emily's mother, decides to try and persuade her to return to Eastvale with him. Meanwhile, Annie delegates that McKai's murder and the carjacking are related to a much bigger operation - but without a testimony from the owner of the carjacked van, struggles to find a lead to pursue. Banks returns to Eastvale with Emily, however, no sooner have they returned than Emily disappears again - and hours later, he receives a phone call relating to a dead body in a nightclub toilet, believing it to be Emily's friend Ruth - however, when he arrives, discovers that is in fact Emily who is the victim. The investigation takes a number of alarming twists before uncovering a conspiracy, pointing to one of the team being an informant relating to Clough. As Banks pushes all the suspects hard, the case threatens to undermine his integrity as an officer and brings his relationship with Annie to breaking point.

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Strange Affair (#105H) Duration: 1:30:00 STEREO TVPG

When DCI Alan Banks receives a disturbing message from his brother Roy, he drops everything to find him, just as new recruit DI Helen Morton finds evidence linking Banks to the body of a murder victim.

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Dry Bones That Dream (#106H) Duration: 1:30:00 STEREO TVPG

DCI Alan Banks and DI Helen Morton must learn to reconcile their conflicting policing styles and personalities while trying to unravel the increasingly puzzling murder of a local accountant who has been leading a secret double life.

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Innocent Graves (#107H) Duration: 1:30:00 STEREO TVPG
When a teenage schoolgirl is found strangled, Banks and his team quickly identify their prime suspect. But the closer Banks seemingly moves towards a conviction, the more the course of the investigation distances him from Helen.

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Kelly Robinson said...

I love these books, and they've picked some of the best ones to dramatize.

Anonymous said...

We have watched the first two episodes. We have found the character of Banks to be boorish, incompetent, and generally unlikable. Unlike most British Mysteries this series displays little of the intrigue and character normally associated with this genre.