Monday, January 28, 2013

Grand Central Murder: Happy Birthday, Grand Central Terminal

February 1 will be the 100th Anniversary of Grand Central Terminal. Completed in 1913, the awe-inspiring Beaux-Arts landmark became the country's busiest train station serving commuter and long distance rail lines and bringing development to midtown Manhattan.

Want to celebrate? Check out the Grand Central Terminal website for special events and celebrations.

Not able to make it to New York? Watch the comedy/mystery Grand Central Murder (1942).

Release Date: 1942   Duration: 73 min
Cast: Patricia Dane, Sam Levene, Van Heflin
Categories: Movies, Crime Fiction, Detective fiction, Detective, Black-and-white, Mystery, Film noir
Grand Central Murder -- a comedy/mystery film released in 1942, based on Sue MacVeigh's 1939 novel of the same name, and stars Van Heflin as a private investigator who is one of the suspects in a murder on a private train car in Grand Central Terminal. The film was directed by S. Sylvan Simon.

Convicted murderer "Turk" (Stephen McNally) escapes from police custody, crashing through a washroom window as a train pulls into Grand Central Station in New York. He telephones his former girlfriend, Broadway star Mida King (Patricia Dane), and threatens to kill her. She leaves her show between acts and hides in a private train car on a siding at the station, planning to leave town and marry her rich, high society fiance, David V. Henderson (Mark Daniels). However, her body is found by David and his ex-fiancee, Connie Furness (Cecilia Parker). Police Inspector Gunther (Sam Levene) is called in to solve the crime. The doctor at the scene is unable to determine the cause of death. Turk is recaptured, and wisecracking private detective "Rocky" Custer (Van Heflin), whom Turk had hired, is also brought in, as he had helped his client evade the police.

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