Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Private Eye Writers New Award

Ed Gorman reports from Robert J. Randisi that PWA is Taking a step forward. PWA has instituted a new Shamus Award for works published in 2012. It is the Best Indie P.I. Novel. This is for novels that have been published by the authors themselves. Entries must bear a 2012 copyright.

President  Steve Hamilton, Vice-President DeNoux O'Neil, and Founder/Director Robert J. Randisi have decided it's time to open the organization to self-published works as the category now includes many established authors who, for one reason or another, have decided to publish their own work. The same professional standards used to judge our other categories will be used here. This category will include e-books. However, this is an experiment and does not effect any of the other categories. 

Hat Tip: Bill Crider

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