Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Peter May: The Story Behind The Blackhouse

Peter May's The Chessman, the third in the trilogy set on the Isle of Lewis, part of the Outer Hebrides off the extreme North West Coast of Scotland, has just launched in the UK. The second is The Lewis Man, and the first, of course, is The Blackhouse. I asked Peter for a guest post on the Trilogy, and he will be sending an article in February. Right now he's working on the text to a photo book called Peter May's Hebrides.

In the meantime, watch this video in which Peter May explains how The Blackhouse might be languishing in a drawer now, had it not been for an editor who believed in him, a publishing house that broke all the rules to support him, and a French public who have adopted this Scotsman and rewarded him with praise and literary prizes...

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Michael Gora said...

I read and loved his first two books and will probably order the third from the U.K. rather than wait.