Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peeps Dioramas: Peepton Abbey & More

Of all my childhood Spring Confection memories, PEEPS stand out. My sister and I still buy each other PEEPS around Easter, even though neither of us actually eat the sugary marshmallow-y creatures any more--or at least I don't. She buys me purple rabbits; I buy her classic yellow chicks --the original PEEPS. You see where this is going? I'm a purist.

The Washington Post has its annual PEEPS diorama contest, and one of the winning entries this year (7th Annual contest) is Peepton Abbey Season 3.  Perfect for Mystery Fanfare readers.  See all the winning dioaramas here.

“Peepton Abbey Season 3 “
Season 3 of the British show, written and created by Peepian Fellowes, ended with a dramatic twist in February. Submitted by Margot Gresham, 48, Fairfax.

And, since I will be spending Easter in Bodega Bay, here's my all time favorite Peeps Diorama: Hitchcock's The Birds:

And this year, I set up a small PEEPS scenario of my own. PEEPS vacationing in Bodega Bay. Hope the Chicks don't turn rogue. They are birds, after all.

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