Friday, March 29, 2013

Richard Griffiths: R.I.P.

Richard Griffiths, a wonderful character actor who won a Tony Award for his stage portrayal of a British teacher in “The History Boys” but who gained his widest exposure as a mean-spirited uncle in the “Harry Potter” series of movies, died yesterday at a hospital in Coventry, England, after heart surgery. He was 65.

But I will remember him most for his role in the 1990s British TV series "Pie in the Sky" in which he played a chef/restauranteur detective. I loved that series!


J F Norris said...

So fabulous in the play and movie The History Boys. Now I'm in my 50s and I have to say 65 is too young to go. He'll be missed.

vallery said...

Now this is truly sad. I just finished the Pie in the Sky series (I'm way behind in my watching). I also saw the History boys and Harry Potter. 65 is much too young. One of the things I loved about Pie is the loving relationship between Chef and his wife played by Maggie Steed. the fact that he was 300 lbs give or take a few didn't matter.