Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mystery Reference Books

I collect mystery reference books, and I imagine many of you reading this column do as well. So I was thrilled to see J. Kingston Pierce's article in Kirkus yesterday: Just the Facts, Ma'am: Referencing Books Worth Preserving. Nice to note that I have all the books he mentions!

To read the article, go HERE.


J. Kingston Pierce said...

Thanks for the link, Janet!


Janet Rudolph said...

Thank you, Jeff, for the article!

Bill Peschel said...

He only missed "Murderess Ink" which was a good followup, but otherwise it's a great list.

Years ago, I reviewed "Detecting Women" which covered series books written by women. Now, of course, it's tremendously outdated and with the Internet, not necessarily needed. But it's great to have all that info in one place. It was a great book to browse through.