Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PINCKLEY PRIZES for Crime Fiction

Saw this earlier today on ShelfAwareness. What a great tribute!

Pinckley Prizes For Crime Fiction

The Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans established the Pinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction to honor the memory of Diana Pinckley (1952-2012), a longtime Times-Picayune columnist, and her passion for mysteries.

The Prizes will be administered by WNBA-NOLA, the New Orleans chapter of the Women’s National Book Association. The national group was founded in 1917. The local chapter was founded in 2011, and Diana Pinckley was a founding member.

The prizes will be presented for the first time at the 2014 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival and will honor two women. The Pinckley Prize for Achievement in Crime Fiction will honor an established writer who has created a significant body of work; the winner will be nominated and selected by a jury of writers and critics. Winners will receive both a financial award and a trip to the Tennessee Williams Festival. The Pinckley Prize for Debut Novel will honor a first-time novelist in adult crime fiction; entry forms must accompany all books.

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