Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paul Giamatti to Star in FX Drama Pilot "Hoke"

The Wrap TV reports that Paul Giamatti, the Sideways actor, has signed on to star in the drama pilot "Hoke" on FX. Giamatti will play Hoke Moseley, a "hard-boiled and possibly insane" homicide detective in pre-chic Miami, circa 1985.

Billed as a "darkly comedic drama," the pilot is billed on Charles Willeford's series of novels, which includes "Sideswipe," "New Hope for the Dead" and "The Way We Die Now." Production is slated to begin later this year in Miami.

HT: Lee Goldberg


vallery said...

This should be interesting. Darkly comic is an apt description of the books. I think Giamatti is well cast although maybe not fat enough. Maybe I'm remembering the character wrongly.

Jim Guigli said...

Maybe not tall enough. He was not fat. I'm reading Miami Blues for the umpteenth time this week. He was around 205 and got down to 185. He tries to stay on his diet but is always hungry.

There is nothing in the four books to suggest that Mosely was "possibly insane." That's the problem with book-to-film adaptations. Just watched again this week the Alec Baldwin version of Miami Blues. Sad.
Willeford used to say, Tell the truth and they'll call it dark comedy.