Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shanghai's Straphanger Lending Library

I love this!

Riders on Shanghai's Metro Line 2 subway can borrow a book or magazine at one station and return it at some of the other stations--and don't pay a deposit or rent the items, according to China Daily. Instead, they're encouraged to donate 1 yuan (about 16 cents) to charity.

The organizers of the project are the subway authority, online educational company and the Aizhi bookstore, which has 20 locations at stations along Main Line 2.

China Daily said the program launched officially on August 18 and "has been a resounding success with office workers. Waiting lines have developed during rush hour."

One Aizhi bookseller said, "Most people returned the books after reading, and many left a coin for our charity initiative." Another commented: "Even if some books are not returned, we believe the overall benefit is worthwhile."

Many of the books were donated by the public for the program.

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