Sunday, March 9, 2014

Coming to Left Coast Crime? Monterey Area Bookstores

Coming to Monterey for Left Coast Crime? There will be a great Bookroom at the Convention, but if you come early, stay late, or just have some extra time on your hands, check out this article on Monterey area bookstores in today's SF Chronicle special Monterey section.

Bookstores Carry On Monterey's Literary Tradition 
by Christine Delsol

For those of us who prefer reading on paper rather than an LED screen, the Monterey Peninsula is an oasis, a refuge from a world rushing to drive the printed word into extinction. Maybe it's the area's heritage, studded with such literary lights as Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London, Henry Miller, Sinclair Lewis and John Steinbeck. Or maybe it's the dramatic landscape calling to the artist-within.
Whatever the explanation, the region is blessed with a cadre of booksellers who are trying to ensure that books, old and new, live on. Anyone who loves reading, history and feeling a sense of place will find that, in their own way, these repositories rival the region's ravishing scenery and outdoor thrills.


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vallery said...

I saw the section today and was going o look at it-how timely.