Saturday, March 29, 2014

Teapot House for Sale

If you know me, then you know whenever I look at properties, especially country properties in Sonoma County, I always want a second 'little' house on the  property. I'm a major tea drinker, sowouldn't this Teapot House be ideal? It would go with all the quirky stuff I have in my garden. Of course, transporting it from Scotland is another matter! 

This Teapot House is on sale, near the village of Lilliesleaf in Scotland for £10,000. Designed by sculptor and artist Ian Hunter, the house measures just 21 feet in diameter and has two levels, the lower of which is accessed through a drop-down door in the spout, and the upper by steps inside the handle. The teapot lid can be opened to allow light in, and the entire building can be easily dismantled into sections and rebuilt in a different location. 

Tony Perriam, of estate agent Rettie and Co, says “It would be ideal for a quirky summer house, or as a fishing hut for an imaginative river bank proprietor on the Tweed. "It’s highly adaptable, and its substantial construction means that power water supplies and drainage could readily be connected, depending on its final destination." 

-- From The Telegraph

HT: The Great British Tea Party 

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vallery said...

If I could figure out where to out it, I would buy it. It is so cute.