Friday, March 21, 2014

Left Coast Crime 2014: Calamari Crime

What a terrific convention! The 24th Left Coast Crime Convention is being held in beautiful Monterey, CA this year! The weather is beautiful, the panels and interviews are exciting, and the  people are great!

I decided to post photos today!  I'll post a summary when I get back...or if I find any time while I'm here!

Monterey Bay
Seagull waiting to Register for LCC
Authors Catriona McPherson & Rhys Bowen

Award Nominees: Louise Penny, Catriona McPherson, Jeff Siger, Lisa Brackmann
Authors Tim Hallinan & Lisa Brackmann

Award winner William Kent Krueger
G is for Guest: Sue Grafton
Sunrise on another day at Left Coast Crime!

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vallery said...

Glad you are having a good time. Love the photos. Very pleased that William K Kreuger won. Not to take away from any one else.