Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BIBLIOMYSTERIES: Mystery Readers Journal (30:3)

The latest issue of Mystery Readers Journal: Bibliomysteries (Volume 30:3) is now available as a PDF. We will have hardcopy out shortly to subscribers and available to others. What a great issue! Thanks to all the contributors.

Volume 30, No. 3, Fall 2014
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  • "There Was No Beginning" by M. A. Adler
  • A Life Lived with Books by Robin Agnew
  • Limiting a Research Topic, or What To Do About Thursday Next? by Mary P. (Mollie) Freier
  • Elizabeth Peters's Bibliophile, Jacqueline Kirby by Mimosa Summers Stephenson
  • Writing the Book Collector Mysteries, or, Did I Just Die and Go to Book Heaven? by Victoria Abbott (Victoria Maffini and Mary Jane Maffini)
  • On Killing Booksellers by Donna Andrews
  • Biblio-Burgling by Lawrence Block
  • Through a Glass Fondly by Ali Brandon
  • My Cards on the Table by Eric Brown
  • Guidebook to Murder—The Bookstore Connection by Lynn Cahoon
  • Mistaken Identity by Laura Caldwell
  • Selling Murder: Crime and the Popular Press in 17th-Century England by Susanna Calkins
  • Reimagining History by Kate Carlisle
  • Haunted by Books by Cleo Coyle (Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini)
  • Readaholics in Heaven by Laura Di Silverio
  • A Novel Idea! by Lucy Arlington (Susan Furlong)
  • Why a Culinary Bookshop? by Daryl Wood Gerber
  • The Poet and the Private Eye by Rob Gittins
  • Librarians Can Always Figure It Out by Karen Harper
  • A Conference, Books, and Bronson by L. C. Hayden
  • Brought to Book by Tim Heald
  • A Cautionary Tale about Book Groups by Maggie King
  • "The Good Know Nothing," and the Story Behind the Story by Ken Kuhlken
  • Literary Discussions in My Novels by Marilyn Levinson
  • Brain-Bangers by Peter Lovesey
  • The Librarian, the Witch, and the Spell Book by Joyce and Jim Lavene
  • On Becoming a (Fictional) Librarian by Con Lehane
  • My Amateur Sleuths' Mystery Library by Ed Lynskey
  • Reading for the Answers: Murder at the University by Janice MacDonald
  • The Epistolary Novel—Yay! Or Nay? by Lise McClendon
  • Look, There Are Books in My Book by Terrie Farley Moran
  • Bibliomystery Geek by Otto Penzler
  • People of the Book by Neil Plakcy
  • Everyone Loves a Conspiracy Theory by Judith Rock
  • Book Wrap by Sheila Simonson
  • Writing "See Also Murder" by Larry D. Sweazy
  • The Book Shelving Workout by Elaine Viets
  • Between the Lines by E. J. Wagner
  • Books and Book Lovers Who Run Amok by Sally Wright
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Lesa Holstine, Gay Toltl Kinman, L.J. Roberts
  • Crossword: If Books Could Kill by Verna Suit
  • Children's Hour: Bibliomysteries by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • True Crime: Books on Trial by Cathy Pickens
  • Crime Seen: Murder, They Wrote by Kate Derie
  • In Short: Mysteries About Books by Marvin Lachman
  • From the Editor's Desk by Janet Rudolph

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