Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shamus Awards 2014

Photo: Ali Karim
PWA (Private Eye Writers of America) SHAMUS AWARDS  

St Martins / PWA award to Grant Bywaters  for The Red Storm 

Best PI Short Story: SO LONG, CHIEF by Max A Collins 

Best First PI Novel: BEAR IS BROKEN by Lachlan Smith 

Best Indie PI Novel - Don't Dare a Dame by M Ruth Myers 

Best Paperback Original: HEART OF ICE by PJ Parish 

Best Hardcover PI Novel : Brad Parks The Good Cop

LIfetime Achievement: Sue Grafton

(HT: Ali Karim--thanks )

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Max Allan Collins said...

Mickey Spillane is the co-author of my short story. It was developed from a fragment that set the story up nicely.