Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mobile Libraries

I love to see extraordinary Mobile Libraries. I've posted several unique mobile libraries over the past few years. Such fun! And so important to those patrons they serve. had a post this week of a few more. The Tram Library is fab! Go HERE to see more!

An old tram car was transformed into a lively color mobile library and a promotional tool for Jiří Mahen Library in Brno, Czech Republic. The Library Tram travels every day on a 70 km route, teaching not only about library services, but, most importantly, about benefits of digital reading.

Visitors can scan QR codes with their mobile phones to access library’s website, search the catalog, and download free samples of selected ebooks.

This innovative mobile library 2.0 project is called “Library in the Tram – Tram to the Library” and was awarded first place in the 12th IFLA International Marketing Award 2014.

Go HERE to see more!

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