Monday, November 24, 2014

The Alcatraz Rose by Anthony Eglin: Guest Post

Anthony Eglin's Lawrence Kingston Mysteries are hybridized for those with 'a touch of nature in their souls.' They're short on blood and gore but long on suspense and intrigue. If you know me, you know I love anything with roses, and Anthony Eglin's mysteries don't disappoint--they weave together my two passions. Other novels in the series: The Blue Rose, The Lost Gardens, The Water Lily Cross, Garden of Secrets Past. Can't wait to read The Alcatraz Rose.

Anthony Eglin: 
The Alcatraz Rose

At last, my sixth Lawrence Kingston, English mystery novel “The Alcatraz Rose” is being released in mid November.

The story took longer to write than my previous books because of the complex plot: three separate stories, taking place on two continents, over a span of sixty years. For the first time, Kingston leaves his beloved London, England, for a brief trip to San Francisco and notorious Alcatraz Island (Synopsis at end of post). Unlike most of the other stories, this one took many weeks to research, so, while it is classic mystery fiction, descriptions of historical places and events are authentic and accurate.

This book is different in another way, too. After ten years with publisher, St. Martin’s Press, I decided to make a break and publish “The Alcatraz Rose” myself. While it was a bittersweet parting, it allows me the freedom to publicize the book in any fashion that I see fit.

As a result, I am producing a video trailer, making a presence on Facebook and exploring other ways of letting readers know about my books.

As for my next project, I’m taking a short break to get back in the garden, spend the Holidays with family and friend . . . all the time thinking about what Kingston might be up to next year.


No sooner than a thirteen-year-old child begs Lawrence Kingston to reinvestigate her mother’s disappearance—a case still unsolved for eight years—the redoubtable botanist, professor, and sleuth receives news that an English rose, extinct for half a century, has been discovered growing on Alcatraz island, 5,000 miles from its former home. 

As Kingston searches for clues to both mysteries he uncovers the murder of an elderly reclusive gentleman whom he suspects of having firsthand knowledge of the rose. Hampered by a fog of duplicity and lies, his investigation nevertheless leads him to a shocking discovery, the last thing he would ever suspect: a link to one of Britain’s most notorious crimes from the distant past. 

The Alcatraz Rose is a multi-layered adventure that starts with an innocent cry for help, but turns into a treacherous roller coaster ride that ends with lives hanging in the balance—including Lawrence Kingston’s.

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Michael Gora said...

A mystery that both my wife and I will enjoy. I just bought it.