Monday, August 24, 2015

Mapback Monday: The Glass Mask by Lenore Glen Offord

I've always enjoyed the mysteries by Lenore Glen Offord, maybe because she was local, maybe because I like the writing and the stories. I also love her period settings. She was true to her locale and time (WWII and post-war period). I'm glad I have this Dell Mapback in my collection to celebrate Mapback Monday!

The Glass Mask (1944) by Lenore Glen Offord, Dell #198 mapback edition, 1947.
A Todd McKinnon book.

Lenore Glen Offord was a mystery writer and mystery reviewer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She won an Edgar Award for Outstanding Criticism in 1952. She published 12 novels, 8 of which were mysteries.

Read Gary Lovisi's article on Map Back Mysteries, here.


Priscilla said...

One of her books is out in Felony and Mayhem and also in ereader. Skeleton Key.

Janet Rudolph said...

Skeleton Key is one of my favorites.