Monday, August 10, 2015

Mystery Readers Journal Call for Articles: Scotland

The next issue of the Mystery Readers Journal (31:3) will focus on crime fiction set in Scotland. We're looking for articles, reviews, and Author! Author! essays.

Mystery Readers Journal: Scotland

Reviews: 50-250 words;

Articles: 250-1500 words.

Author Essays: 500-1500 words, upclose and personal, about yourself, your books, and the "Scotland" connection. Think of it as chatting with friends and other writers at the cafe or bar. Add a title and 2-3 sentence bio/tagline.

Deadline: September 10. 

Make a comment below or send an email to:


TracyK said...

I am looking forward to this issue. I have many books by Scottish authors and would love to learn about more of them.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I love reading mysteries set and written by authors in other countries, besides the US. I sometimes don't understand the terms used but it makes it so much more different than a standard story. I'd love to know more of them.