Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SleuthFest Awards

SleuthFest Announced the Freddie Awards for Writing Excellence. 

Winner - Melinda B. Pierce - Trouble in the Glades

Other Finalists
Merrilee Robson - Summer Smoke
Elisa Korentayer - Song of a Wood Turner
Joan Long - Lovebug Graveyard
Caroline Taylor - Dead Ringer

Winner - J.D. Allen - 19 Crimes

Other Finalists
L.D. Masterson - Hunter's Way
Fred Lichtenberg - Murder 1040
Dwight Jolivette - Searcher
Janece O. Hudson - Out of Sight

Florida Chapter of MWA awards the Flamingo Award to a chapter member for service to the chapter: Victoria Landis

And here's a very odd award that is given out:
The FlaMANgo Award: This award is given out at the Saturday night cocktail party to the guy who gets the most votes from the women at the conference.  Sometimes, it's about what they look like, and sometimes it's about what a mensch they are/have been for us. You never know.  C.J. Box won this year.

HT: Victoria Landis

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