Tuesday, June 13, 2017

50 Unique Bookstores: One in Each State

I may not agree with all the choices below, but I guess I'll have to go on a road trip to be sure.

From The Culture Trip:

Across the US, independent bookstores are having a comeback. Often combining bookselling with a cafe or bar, these stores will usually stock rare presses and obscure publishers, alongside classics and bestsellers. The below are no exception, but also have that little something extra which makes them stand out from the rest. 
CA: The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA. Multi-level space offering books, records, and local art. 

View the list here.

How many have you visited? Any you'd like to add?


Liz Boeger said...

The Oxford Exchange in Tampa is a fantastic addition to this list. Food, coffee, tea, special events, books, gifts, all in a gorgeously decorated multi-level historic building across from the University of Tampa. Plan to spend the whole day and do have reservations for lunch.

Rick Robinson said...

I knew it would be Powell's for Oregon before I even clicked over. The photo gives no idea of the magnitude of the main downtown Portland store, and the one on Hawthorn has tons of old paperbacks. Superb.

Juli Schatz said...

Of course, you KNOW you're going to get all kinds of replies about bookstores not on the list, and here's mine: Open Books at 651 W. Lake St. in Chicago's West Loop. Great book selection, but what sets it apart is its educational outreach efforts. OB grants books to kids (and adults!), and coordinates volunteers to work at schools throughout the city. Volunteers get set up with kids who need reading buddies — adults who can help them learn to read and learn to love reading.

Anonymous said...

We are a family owned and operated independent bookstore located in Murray, Kentucky for 40 years this November. new and used. hardback and paperback. we order new books and do hard to find searches