Friday, June 2, 2017

Bay Area Book Festival: How to get the most out of the BookFest

Tip Sheet: How to Get the Most Out of This Year’s Festival

From the Organizers:

...because it’ll be a whole year before there’s another weekend like this!

Tip 1: Skim the schedule to find authors you love or topics you’re interested in. That’s the scaffolding of your weekend. Note if they require paid admission (indoor sessions do; Chronicle Stage and kids’ stuff don’t).

Tip 2: Decide on one of two easy options for those sessions: whether to get priority tickets or a general admission wristband.

If you want to make sure you can get into a session, get a priority ticket. Arrive 10 minutes before session start time.

If you’re more flexible and hope to attend more than two sessions, get the wristband—only $15 for access to all sessions all weekend. Caveat: general admission line is honored after priority ticketholders. The door staff (and box offices) will have up-to-the-second info about remaining capacity and will keep the line informed.

To maximize the weekend: Get two tickets for the sessions you want most, plus a wristband so you can roam the rest.

Trick: If you’re in the general admission line and hear that a session is filling up, buy a ticket on the spot on your phone via Eventbrite. 

Tip 3: Get tickets or wristband now to make sure you’re in and save time. Just bring the Eventbrite receipt to the venue.

Tip 4: Or, for you non-planners, on the festival days go to one of three box offices to get your tickets and wristband. Or get a wristband at any venue.

STUDENTS: Show your valid ID (includes if you graduated in May) at any venue or box office, and get a free wristband!

Tip 5: Allow enough time between sessions to cruise the amazing array of literary exhibitors!

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