Wednesday, September 14, 2022


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7 Fictional Female Detectives to Discover Now

From the website:

With three separate take-charge women solving crimes and defying stereotypes on MASTERPIECE on PBS this fall, now’s the perfect time to explore the fascinating range of similar protagonists—from books. We asked crime fiction reviewers, authors, and insiders for their favorite female crime fighters, and they delivered a list stretching from an 11-year-old sleuth to a forensic archeologist. Whether you’re interested in cozy mysteries or futuristic police procedurals, there’s plenty to love in these seven recommendations.

There are some surprising choices by some of your favorite reviewers, authors, and mystery folks.

Go here to Discover 7 Fictional Detectives

Want to share your own pick for a quirky detective? Make a comment below.

And, in case you missed this, here are new and returning female detectives on the small screen coming to MASTERPIECE Mystery! beginning Sunday, October 16, 2022: fan-favorite Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 (with Kate Phillips) at 8/7c, Magpie Murders (with Lesley Manville) at 9/8c, and Annika (with Nicola Walker) at 10/9c.

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HonoluLou said...

That's a great list and so looking forward to the PBS series! Book wise, I'm partial to my hometown Author Vivien Chien's Ho-Lee Noodle Shop Mysteries, which take place in the Cleveland, Ohio burbs. There are eight of these cozy mysteries and the protagonist Lana Lee, is half-Taiwanese, half-Caucasian, mirroring many children of G.I.s, once stationed overseas (not to mention the author, herself Taiwanese-Italian.)

Anonymous said...

All three in one night?? My cup runners over. Thanks.