Thursday, September 1, 2022


Professor T, Season 2 is set to air in the UK on ITV September 16. No news yet about the U.S. release. Professor T, Season 1 aired on PBS and PBS Masterpiece, so it seems likely Season 2 will air there. This Professor T is the British version of the show and stars Ben Miller (Death in Paradise). It aired to mixed reviews, but I liked it. And, yes, I saw the other versions (Belgian and German). They were equally interesting, but this one had more humor, and I love comedy!  

Professor T: Every aspect of Professor Jasper Tempest's life is precisely calibrated and rigidly structured. Impeccably dressed and meticulously punctual, he lectures daily at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology, teaching students imaginatively, if pedantically, about the science of crime. Each evening, he returns home to his apartment, which is as sterile and systematically ordered as a science lab.

You can watch Season 1 on PBS Passport and PBS Masterpiece.

More news to come!!

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