Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Cartoon of the Day: Book Cover


Picks by Pat said...

This is perfect! I had no input on my book cover, but I loved it. I sometimes wonder if the artist had to make changes before I saw it.

Susan Bernhardt said...

When I was with my original publisher, we had input into what we wanted on our covers. To me, that was really important. One example is, I made sure I never had people on the covers. And then we would receive the cover to critique it. For my Christmas mystery, I had a major disagreement with the cover artist. She didn't get at all what I wanted. The cover looked like a Victorian romance book. After much discussion, I said I couldn't have the cover and they let me choose my own. It was the most minimal cover I had from the publisher, but much better than what their vision was.

I love my covers now. :)