Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Watch the Three Pines Amazon Prime trailer.. The first two episodes will air this Friday, December 2 on Amazon Prime. Need to do something before the show? Read Louise Penny's latest novel, A World of Curiosities. It's a great read. It has it all: Ganache, Three Pines, all the supporting characters, art, food, a locked room, detection, and so much more. I think it's Louise's best yet! 

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The Louise Penny Newsletter:

And a note from Louise Penny about the TV series:

Here's the trailer for the Three Pines TV series. In the midst of this fun one-minute trailer you might notice that the “Ruth” character describes Three Pines as a place that will expel people who don’t belong. I need to make clear that I fought and fought to have that line changed in the show. It is, as you know, the antithesis of what Three Pines is about. The fact it was not only left it in, but is now highlighted is troubling on so many levels.
It makes me wonder if they understand the heart and soul of the village. Three Pines is the soft landing, the open arms, the place at the table. In an often cruel and turbulent world, where physical safety can never be guaranteed, it is a place where we are emotionally safe. Because we are accepted. It is a place of friendship, of belonging, of acceptance and inclusion. No matter who you are. No matter what we believe. No one is turned away.
I just needed you to know that I did fight. And lost. But there is much to also commend the series, otherwise I wouldn’t be promoting it. I will always be honest with you.
That ridiculous misstep aside, I think you’ll like the trailer.


Time Traveling in Costume said...

I just finished watching the first 4 episodes that were released. Louise Penny was correct when Ruth's line should have been deleted, and it seems the directors want you to feel Three Pines is not a good place to come to. Which is not the feeling I got when I began reading Penny's books. I hope that changes in the coming episodes and it becomes the true Three Pines.
That said, I'm really enjoying the series. I love seeing my favorite characters come to life, although I wish it had more of French accents, as I hear that in my head when I read the books. That was the only turn-off I had with this Gamache character, that I thought he should speak with one.
BTW, the latest book, A World of Curiosities, is amazing! I'm 3/4 through it, and its so surprising, it will have you on the edge of your seat, or sitting up in bed, as I do. Congrats to Penny for an extraordinary book!
Val in Calif.

Janet Rudolph said...

Wow, TTW, I couldn't agree with you more. Not the Three Pines we all know and love (and especially love the latest novel)...Wish Gamache would have a bit of an accent... many of the others do.. and the town is so uninviting..Still, I love Louise, and I will watch the rest when they drop.