Tuesday, November 22, 2022


I mentioned a few months ago that Mystery Scene was looking for a buyer. Sadly news comes to us that the Winter 2022 (#174) edition of Mystery Scene is the final issue of this fabulous publication. 

Editor-in-Chief Kate Stine has this introductory letter in the final issue which just arrived.

Fall #173 was a benchmark for Brian [Skupin] and me as publishers of Mystery Scene—our 20th Anniversary Issue. Winter #174 marks a sadder occasion—the final issue of Mystery Scene Magazine after 37 years in business.

The publishing industry has changed seismically over the last two decades with the advent of the internet, publisher consolidation, the birth of social media, and the rise of Amazon. It has become impossible for us to continue to offer you the high-quality print publication in which we’ve taken so much pride.

The website will remain functioning for now, as will our monthly e-newsletter. We will be refunding readers for their outstanding subscriptions over the next few months. This is a big job, so please be patient with us. We expect to have this task done by February 2023.

We want to thank our outstanding staff, particularly the indispensable Teri Duerr for all her excellent work editing, writing, and organizing over the years. Annika Larsson made all of us look good with her outstanding design skills. The quality of our contributors is apparent to 
Mystery Scene readers already—but let me just say how interesting, educational, and fun it was to work with them. And we want to thank all of you—we loved bringing you the magazine. Brian and I had the best job in publishing for 20 years and we want to thank you for coming along for the ride.

This is so sad. Mystery Scene has been one of the premiere publications in the field. Thank you, Kate and Brian, for your work on Mystery Scene over the years. You'll be missed.


Marilyn Levinson said...

That's so sad.

Robert Richmond said...

Sad day indeed

author said...

They have been wonderful to so many women mystery writers, thank you.
Marcia Rosen