Monday, April 17, 2023

HOBBIES & CRAFTS: Mystery Readers Journal Call for Author Essays: Deadline Extended

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Call for Articles: Mystery Readers Journal (39:2) HOBBIES & CRAFTS in MYSTERIES
We're looking for articles, reviews, and Author essays about Mysteries that focus on Hobbies & Crafts

Author Essays: 500-100 words. Treat this as if you're chatting with friends and other writers in the bar, cafe, or on zoom about your work that features hobbies and/or crafts in your mysteries. Add title and 2-3 sentence bio/tagline. 
Reviews: 50-250 words. 
Articles: 500-1000 words.

EXTENSION: Deadline for Hobbies and Crafts Mysteries (39:2) articles, reviews, author essays:  May 1, 2023:
 Send to: Janet Rudolph, Editor. janet @ mysteryreaders . org
Subject line: Mystery Readers Journal/Hobbies & Crafts

Mystery Readers Journal: Legal Mysteries (38:4) is available:

Mystery Readers Journal: Mysteries Set in Africa (39:1) is available.

SUBSCRIBE TO MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL2023: African Mysteries; Hobbies & Craft Mysteries; Animals in Mysteries; Southern California.

Historical Mysteries I: Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Private Eyes I & Private Eyes II : Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Extreme Weather Mysteries: Available as PDF or Harcopy

Italian Mysteries:  Available as PDF or Hardcopy

Senior Sleuths: Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Gardening Mysteries: Available as PDF or Hardcopy.

Call for Articles for 2023 (Volume 39): Hobbies & Crafts; Animals in Mysteries; Southern California
Have titles, articles, or suggestions for these upcoming issues? Want to write an Author! Author! essay?  email: janet @ mysteryreaders . org 

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