Monday, April 10, 2023

Fifteen years down "la rue" - Kickstarter Post by Lise McClendon, author of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Hard to believe but it’s been almost 15 years since Blackbird Fly, the first in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries, was launched. There are now 18 books in the series (including two trilogies of novellas.) Hey, my sisters were shocked when I told them there were that many books too! Many of the books are set in France, where one is hard-pressed not to encounter croissants, wine, sunshine, cheese, and delightful countryside vistas. But also, because this is a mystery, various malcontents, villains, and heroines, of course. 

New to the series? Read the first part of ‘Blackbird Fly’ HERE
To celebrate I am releasing a hardcover version of this first book in the series. It’s a book close to my heart. I sold it to a New York publisher who then took a turn and never published it. When independent publishing became viable, I decided to give it a life there. It has been my most successful book by a wide margin, with over 3000 reviews on Amazon. Like Merle Bennett, the main character who has a huge challenge in her life when her husband suddenly dies, I decided to accept mine and not to give up on Blackbird Fly.


Why Kickstarter? 

What is Kickstarter anyway?
Like me, you may not have explored the crowdfunding platform. It’s a place for creatives where you can find all sorts of projects, from table-top games to comics to special editions to films. This special deluxe edition of Blackbird Fly is not just a hardcover, but one with a new cover design, dust jacket, and all sorts of interior illustrations like the color title page. Special chapter heading art is in the background here:

Kickstarter projects work like this: Before the campaign starts you can go to the campaign page and click to be notified when the project is live. You’ll get an email from Kickstarter when it does. Then you can check out the stuff on offer: lavender sachets, bookmarks, the main event— the hardcover— plus packages featuring e-books, swag, character cards, and more.

Twelve character cards available

This is a collectible edition that includes a bonus companion short story about wine fraud detective, Pascal, when he disappears during the story. (Not available at any retailer.) During the Kickstarter you can also get the deluxe edition e-book to read to keep the collectible hardcover pristine.

Digital bookmarks with every pledge

When is this happening?

The Kickstarter goes live today, Monday, April 10. If you can click through and support as a follower, that is very helpful. You know, social proof. Who knows, you may see something interesting.  

Rounded Rectangle: THE KICKSTARTER

Get an early bird discount on the hardcover

Pledge early to get a discount

Facebook Launch party and giveaway

Come by Facebook for the launch party on Monday, April 10 at 10 am Pacific Daylight Time. Give me a pep talk! I will need it. This whole process is a bit nerve-racking! 

Hope to see you at the party or on Kickstarter! 


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