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Animals in Mysteries II: Volume 39, No. 4, Winter 2023

Animals in Mysteries II
Volume 39, No. 4, Winter 2023

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This is the second issue of Animal Mysteries in Volume 39 of Mystery Readers Journal. The first is still available (Animal Mysteries I- Volume 39:3). Be sure to order both (or they will both come with your 2023 subscription). 

Animals figure in so many different ways in mysteries. They’re pets, they’re sidekicks, they’re victims, they’re suspects, and they’re often main characters. And not just that, there’s a huge variety of animals, not just dogs and cats. I think you’ll find the articles and author essays in this issue illuminating—and fun! 

In this issue of Mystery Readers Journal you’ll find articles, author essays, and reviews of new and older mystery novels that feature animals. Because we had a large number of contributors, we split the themed issues into two. So thanks to everyone who contributed to this theme. 

And, FYI, we had two other Animals in Mysteries themed issues: 

Check out the table of contents for the past issues. Both are still available. You’ll want to have a complete set!

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Animals in Mysteries II

Volume 39, No. 4, Winter 2023

Buy this back issue! Available in hardcopy or as a downloadable PDF.



  • Canines and Crimes in the Golden Age of Mysteries by Patricia Cook
  • From Alaska to Maine: Wolf Companions Help Solve Mysteries by Judith Ayn
  • A Clowder of Cat Mysteries by Aubrey Nye Hamilton
  • Agatha’s Ark: Animals in Classic Crime Fiction by Kate Jackson


  • Murder, She Growls… or How Jessica Fletcher Brought Pets Into My Mystery Series by Jinny Alexander
  • Doggie Partners by Paul A. Barra
  • Horses? Why Horses? by J. F. Benedetto
  • Dogs, What They See, What They Know by Rona Bell
  • The Case For Dogs in Crime Fiction by Valerie Burns
  • For the Love of Dogs by Tracy Carter
  • It Was All a Plot to Write about Horses by Celeste Connally
  • Looking Behind the Curtain of Writing Mysteries With a Dog by DK Coutant
  • Lobsters, Eels, and Sharks, Oh My! by Charlene D’Avanzo
  • Why My Mysteries Feature Animals and Yours Should, Too by Debbie De Louise
  • So, Who’s Feeding the Dog? by Christine Falcone
  • The Amazing Skills of Dogs by Janet Finsilver
  • Marshmallow and Babalu by Kaye George
  • A Most Improbable Amateur Detective by Hal Glatzer
  • Discovering RahRah by Debra H. Goldstein
  • Life Is Better With Critters by Carolyn Haines
  • Absolutely, Positively the Most Awkward Question About Animal Sidekicks by David Handler
  • The Joy of Animals in Mysteries by Thonie Hevron
  • Stories and Dogs and Wildlife—Oh, My! by Linda O. Johnston
  • All Kinds of Kitties by Diane Kelly
  • Stand Down, The Lido Libretto, and More by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • A Menagerie of Mayhem by Tim Maleeny
  • What’s the Mystery About Therapy Dogs? by James L’Etoile
  • Readers Root for the Vulnerable by Larry Maness
  • Albert is Gone and Boris is Here by Susan McCormick
  • A Writer’s Pals by Larry Mild
  • Send in the Dogs and Cats by Margaret Morse
  • When Cats Creep Into the Story by Ann Parker
  • Why My Top Dog Is a Fish by Korina Moss
  • Not All Best Friends Are Human by Sandra Murphy
  • The Mysterious Kinship of Animal Lovers by Sandra Parshall
  • Sniffing Out The Clues by Neil Plakcy
  • Anaphylaxis Is My Middle Name by Mindy Quigley
  • Mixing Kitties and Conflict in Crime Fiction by Merrilee Robson
  • Writing Mysteries and Murders at a Zoo (with Caution and Care for the Animals) by Marcia Rosen
  • Animals and Books and Life by Philipp Schott
  • Murder and the Missing (French) Dog by Susan C. Shea
  • Sheep (and Other Critter) Thrills by Leonie Swann
  • Paws, Laws, and Probable Cause by Gabriel Valjan


  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Kathy Boone Reel, L.J. Roberts, Lucinda Surber, Lesa Holstine
  • Crime Seen: Dog Stars by Kate Derie
  • Animal Criminals and Detectives by Cathy Pickens
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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