Friday, December 22, 2023


is a hot spot for tourists, but it's also known for Jolabokaflod or The Christmas Book Flood. And this holiday tradition in Iceland involves chocolate, as well as books! The holiday really takes off on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, every family member is given a brand-new book,  and then you cozy up in your favorite reading place or in front of the fire with a mug of hot cocoa. You spend the rest of the evening reading. This is how Icelandanders celebrate Christmas each year. It's called Jolabokaflod -- "Christmas Book Flood."

Jolabokaflod started during World War II, when paper was one of the few things not rationed in Iceland. Because of this, Icelanders gave books as gifts while other commodities were in short supply, turning them into a country of bookaholics to this day, according to 

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KimHaysBern said...

This is great, Janet. It makes me want to move to Iceland. But then, there's the cold, the winter darkness, and the volcanos. I guess I might reconsider.