Saturday, December 2, 2023

Holiday Homicide: Classic Crime Thrillers of the 1960s: Online Panel, December 5: FREE

Holiday Homicide! I've signed up for this event.  Sign up now. FREE.

I’m Dreaming of a Noir Christmas: Classic Crime Thrillers of the 1960s
with Geoffrey O’Brien, Sarah Weinman, Gene Seymour, and David Lehman

Join Library of America for a killer lineup of panelists as they explore classic crime thrillers of the 1960s, from Donald Westlake-writing-as-Richard Stark’s taut smash-and-grab heist novel The Score to Patricia Highsmith’s eerie potboiler The Tremor of Forgery

Join Geoffrey O’Brien, editor of Crime Novels of the 1960s, along with noir maven Sarah Weinman (The Real Lolita), cultural critic Gene Seymour, and poet David Lehman (The Mysterious Romance of Murder) for an arresting dive into nine astonishingly inventive novels that pulse with the energies of a turbulent, transformative decade. 

Tuesday, December 5 6:00–7:00 PM ET 

 This online event is free, but you must preregister to attend.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Daniel. I'm a fan of Masterpiece Mystery's "Miss Scarlet and the Duke"; however, the current pledge drive for "Miss Scarlet and the Duke" frequently claim that their Miss Scarlet is the first detective show featuring a female Victorian detective. Not so. Maybe Masterpiece doesn't know that BBC produced and broadcasted a Victorian detective show featuring actress Billie Piper playing the lead role of Sally Lockhardt in 2006 before Masterpiece produced "Miss Scarlet and the Duke." Maybe it's just ironic that Masterpiece Mystery pledge drives couldn't find the earlier 2006 Billie Piper Victorian English detective shows.