Thursday, December 14, 2023


So many great season premieres and specials this month and the end of last month that I neglected to mention that the third season of Slow Horses on AppleTV+ has arrived. Slow Horses is a fabulous spy thriller based on Mick Herron's terrific thrillers. Slow Horses is the name for a group of disgraced intelligence agents who have been banished from proper field work in Regent's Park. They have been downgraded to menial labor (Slow Horses). The third season is the best yet, as the team tries to locate one of their own. 

I love a good espionage thriller, and Slow Horses is truly one of the best shows out there. Great acting. Wonderful plots. Comedic elements. Quirky Characters. 

Be sure and add it to your TBW (To Be Watched) List! If you haven't watched the show before, start with Season 1. It's still available on AppleTV+.

Here's the Trailer for Season 3. 

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